The BTS Advantage

Business Discovery

Communications Needs Inventory
To deliver meaningful results to your business, we need to understand who you are, what you do, and how communications fits into achieving your objectives. We will sit down with you to understand the strategic direction of your organization and speak with your key staff to understand how communications impacts their daily activities.

Identify Improvement Opportunities
After understanding your business, we will identify areas in which technology can improve your performance, productivity and even your image.

Implement Necessary Technologies
Once improvements have been identified and agreed upon, we will deliver and implement the technology and equipment necessary to achieve the improvements.

Benefit Review
We will get together to discuss the status of the proposed improvements. We will work to expand on these improvements and diagnose any issues that have come up.

Emerging Technology Needs Analysis
We will continue to stay in touch with you to ensure that you continue to have the technology that is right for your business. We will also adapt your technology due to any changes in your business.

Connectivity Audit and Review
Bills from local and long distance providers often contain errors and redundancy of charges. We will review your connectivity bills to find any duplicate charges, billing for discontinued services, and separation.


Advanced Application Utilization Steps
We will work with you to overcome any barriers your business has to utilizing advanced applications that improve the efficiency of your business.

Programming Changes
We will make the programming changes necessary to reflect changes in your personnel or in your client base.

Simplify Technology Migrations
Your business can integrate emerging technologies without diverting capital from profit generating activities. New technology can be integrated into your organization through simple extension of the partnership program.

Software Migration
Much of the advancement in communications performance is generated through improved software. We will keep you in the optimal software solution to maximize your benefit.

Outcome Focused Training
Our comprehensive training goes beyond just how to operate the handsets and headsets to help users understand how the technology can be used to save time and improve productivity.

We will work with your users to make sure they are fully trained on the technology.

Priority. Your company will be at the top of the priority list for scheduling adds, moves, and changes.

Service and Support

You can’t afford to lose productivity due to system downtime. As part of the BTS Advantage Program we offer:

We will provide a warranty for the technology and replace any defective components.

We will provide any labor necessary to replace defective parts or service the equipment.

We will replace your technology components as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Help Desk
E-mail and telephone support will be available to resolve any immediate issues that may arise.
Phone/Voicemail Systems
Security Systems/Surveillance
Cabling (Voice/Data, CATV, CCTV)
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