"We had been avoiding upgrading our outdated phone system because we were worried about the transition being difficult, but BTS made the transition as smooth as possible. I wish we would have upgraded sooner!"


Office Manager, Diemakers

“In our busy clinic, we cannot afford to take time away from patient care to deal with technology issues. In the rare occurrences where we’ve had a technical problem, BTS responded immediately to address and resolve the issue. I can rest easy knowing that I am supported by a team of professionals who can diagnose and handle anything!”

Jordan McPhereson

Operations Manager

"Our school district was in desperate need of a new phone system to keep up with the growing demands of our faculty, staff and students. The project seemed overwhelming, but the team at BTS was there for us every step of the way to guide us and help us choose the right solution that would not only meet our current requirements, but our future needs."

Meg Johnson


"We work with BTS because we simply cannot be burdened with multiple vendors handling our needs. BTS consistently offers us solid equipment and customer support that doesn’t disappoint. Working with them has allowed us to focus on our #1 priority: growing our consulting business."

Greg Meyers

IT consultant